According to the autopsy Michael Brown, 6’4”, was shot twice in the head from 1-2 feet away, one from on top. This supports witnesses’ accounts of him being on his knees with his hands in the air. This was not an accident. This was not a tragic mistake. Darren Wilson stood above the unarmed teenager who was surrendering and shot him twice in the head. He shot in cold blood. He shot to kill. (Source: LA Times)

he was shot in the arm at least 5 times however in the front of his arm, this would have been incredibly difficult to achieve unless his hands were down or had his hands up and back turned, but yet no bullets entered through his back. 

the fact he was shot was a terrible tragedy and I feel horrible to know the family has to live with the death of their son at such a young age, as the full scenario is dodgy and its difficult to tell what went on exactly in his final moments, remember footage of him was released robbing a store before he was killed.